Calm your nerves and win in life!

An interesting article by Daniel A. Miller at tinybuddha reports how an attitude of gratitude made him play better tennis as it seemed to calm his nerves.

As Daniel states: “There is a powerful synergy between being grateful and calmness and serenity.”

And we’re left thinking: if gratitude increases your chances of winning that tennis match, it’s probably also true for winning in life!


Emma, 20, USA


My dad. Definitely. Just because, he’s the type of person that showed me that no matter what situation or who you are dealing with there’s a way to be laid back and understanding. He’s the perfect combination of easy going and confident without being over the to. He’s kind and considerate… There’s no doubt that I always feel comfortable approaching him. The way he treats his friends and how he cares about the people in his life – everyone knows that he is someone you can count out. When I remember my childhood, it’s me and my dad at the beach, just relaxing. He’s also the reason I got my tattoo. On my back. He’s got my back. Get it? 

I would go: “Oh dad can I have a sleep over with my friends”, and he would throw his arms up and say “GO FOR IT”! He loved having my friends over, because he loved the life that the people would bring. He now reports that the life in his kitchen is not the same after I went to college. I would say that I am grateful for him and the person he is and for keeping his head level through hard times, such as the divorce my family experienced. He always remains calm and the “protecter”. Always putting my brother and me first.

Relationships Australia: Tell us your Neighbour-story

From neighbour heros doing life-saving CPR to wood-stacking next door neighbours, the stories sent in during the competition “Tell us you story” started by Relationships Australia in celebration of “Neighbour Day are inspiring.

One of the people who sent in a story was Vesna:

“I’m always telling friends, clients and family how important it is to know your neighbour. I believe neighbours are so important for little things such as watching over your house, feeding your dog and big things such as friendship and care. I love my neighbour. We have been living next door for 4 years now and I have never come across anyone so helpful and thoughtful.” – Vesna Story via Neighbour Day

The initiative and the stories generated from it are beautiful gestures, and we believe that it helps create more awareness about the importance of taking care of not only the people you’re closest to relationship-wise, but also the people living right next to you; neighbors.

A Food blogger adding a little gratitude

The blogger Jane with her blog “This Week for Dinner” is grateful for her husband and her daughter and expresses it beautifully in this story of gratitude. Not only does she know how to add the right ingredients in food, but also adds the ingredient of gratitude to life, which we at Gratitude Nation admire!

Yesterday was a rough day, thanks to work and myriad other things going on. When dinnertime rolled around, we decided to just hit California Pizza Kitchen with the kids. When we first got there, Owen was being all grumpy-like and the girls were kind of hyper. I was feeling overwhelmed.

Then Cate said, “Let’s play I Spy!” Honestly, my brain couldn’t handle it. I kept thinking about my to-do list, I wasn’t feeling well, I just didn’t have the energy. But Nate jumped in and proceeded to play a guessing game with the girls all throughout dinner. I sat there, watching their excitement with the game, listening to their sweet comments, gazing at their innocent, beautiful faces. It was like a healing balm. I felt grateful…grateful for Nate, grateful for those cute kids.

Gratitude. That is what I’m focusing on this week.

Gratitude for a 5-year-old daughter who wanted a crown birthday cake. Gratitude that I had the chance to make it for her.

Gratitude for the work that provides us a place to live, even if it gets stressful sometimes.

Gratitude for each moment I get to spend with my loved ones.

I’ll survive the week. I may or may not get everything done that I’m supposed to, but that’s okay. I am grateful.

The Facts of Gratitude

It was almost surprising to us at Gratitude Nation how many benefits a high level of gratitude carries with it! Now, we will let it up to you to decide whether you think it is hot air, but we definitely believe and feel ourselves the connection between being more thankful in everyday life and feeling better in general!

From gratitude wealthy to more healthy
Scientific research has shown that a high level of gratitude is strongly connected with both better physical and mental health. Psychologist Dr. Christina Hibbert for instance points out that:

Practicing gratitude is associated with better sleep, less depression, and less stress. It reduces headaches, sore muscles, stomach pain, nausea, coughing, and sore throats. Research also shows that those who practice gratitude exercise more regularly, have better appetites, report less illness, and generally feel healthier.

So if you’re trying to get rid of that awful headache, it sounds like adding a little gratitude to life isn’t a bad idea at all. However, it is not only physically life improving according to what we’ve heard! Dr. Hibbert and many others report that effects such as better parenting skills, more life meaning and improved self-worth and relationships is evident, which is explained by the tendency of a more clear and positive view on things of life – that you can see “the beautiful things in life” – when gratitude is a bigger part of your everyday life.

In this way adding gratitude is doing yourself a favor.


Who Is It Wednesday – Renee

A cute story of gratitude from Thank You Daily about how old friends can still mean a lot and that gratitude for special persons from the past can last throughout life.

Thank You Daily

I have a friend, “Renee”, who I met in college.  We were both English majors and took a lot of classes together.  When I was in law school, she let me live on her couch for quite a long time.  I am eternally grateful for that and will never forget it.

Renee was an everyday sort of friend.  We laughed at things hardly anyone else would think was funny.  We dissected books, created musical mash-ups, and recast our favorite movies.  Then she went through a very long and very rough patch of time, during which she made some bad decisions.  One particular decision cut me to the core and I just had to walk away.  I never unfriended her on FB because I hoped that she would reach out to me to address the situation.  She never did.

Every now and then, I would tag her in something that I thought…

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10 ways of showing gratitude

Unwrapping the present.
 Even the smallest “thank you” can have a huge impact on the person you say it to, but also on your own life. However, sometimes saying those two little words can feel a bit inflated and we will be looking for other ways of how to express ourselves. A very wise man (or what do I know, I just googled him) called William Ward, said “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”, and I’m pretty sure we’ve all had that feeling at some point. So here’s a 10 note list from Gratitude Nation to you for getting that present delivered and unwrapped!

10 ways of showing your gratitude, whether it’s for family, friends or a colleague at work.

1. Write a hand-written thank you note

2. Share an example of something they did for you and how it made a difference in your life.

3. Dedicate a public post acknowledging things you value about them and their actions

4. Give them something of yours that you think they would enjoy, and let them know why you want them to have it.

5. Compliment them on a talent, skill, or strength that you admire

6. Give a long, intimate hug! (everyone needs a hug now and then and it releases those endorphins!)

7. Do something little, but thoughtful for them (fx. cleaning up after dinner while your mum relaxes, buy your friend a coofee when he’s tried or bring chips for you sister when she’s hungover)

8. Smile. Smiles are contagious, so give one away!

9. Invite them to do something you know they’ve always wanted to do.

10. Give them flowers to brighten their day.

Give thanks to challengers and yourself!
We have to remember though that adding gratitude to life doesn’t only include showing respect and gratitude to the people who love you and you love, but also to the people who challenge you or support you (at work for example). Last but not least it is important to show gratitude for yourself – so go and schedule a date with yourself that’s all about you.

Do you have any other inspiring ways of showing gratitude that you use?


Lena, 22, Denmark


“There are many people in my life I want to thank. I am truly blessed by being surrounded by amazing friends. I am grateful for my boyfriend who has supported me and been an incredible rock for me during the toughest year of my life. My two sisters, who are there for me through heartbreak and loss of a loved one, I am grateful for the bond we have, which can overcome anything. And not to forget my amazingly strong mother, who, no matter what, always holds her head high.

Last and most importantly. My grandmother. I want to thank you for always being there for me, welcoming me with open arms. Thank you for never judging me and my actions and always believing in the good in people. Thank you for welcoming my boyfriend into the family again and again, even though we’ve struggled figuring out our relationship. You believed we could make it work and you were right. Thank you for your positive mind and everlasting support. You always gave me the strength I needed and have been and still is a huge guidance for me. I admire you for your strength. Even through cancer, you never showed weakness or pain. Stubborn that you are, you didn’t want us to worry. Not even a little bit. I look up to you, grandma, and I miss you everyday. I love you”

Marcus, 21, Sydney


“While many can be grateful for what they have now, I look back and see how blessed I was through my childhood and adolescence. My grandfather, or nonno, as my Italian heritage would denote, was the man I idolised above all others. He loved and adored his family and taught me that no matter what you can achieve on a personal level, no amount of wealth of personal goals are more important than taking care of the family.

In 2003, nonno suffered a major stroke and lost his ability to speak and paralysed his right side. Doctors gave him little to no chance of walking. But the stubborn b**tard that he was, nonno didn’t like people telling him he can’t do things. He worked hard through months of rehabilitation until he could walk with a cane. A small step but it really emphasised the man’s incredible character. Even though he had lost his ability to speak, it never stopped nonno from straining his voice trying to pronounce our names and sing happy birthday to each of us. He never stopped pushing his limits to engage with his family.

In a selective schools test in 2005, the question was “Write about someone you admire.”. I wrote about you nonno. You always gave me strength and support in all my endeavours, soccer, school and family, and I looked up to you. Nonno, your guidance has been a huge part of making me the man I am today. You taught me that family comes first and you led by example. I cannot begin to express the love and gratitude that I have for you.”