Lena, 22, Denmark


“There are many people in my life I want to thank. I am truly blessed by being surrounded by amazing friends. I am grateful for my boyfriend who has supported me and been an incredible rock for me during the toughest year of my life. My two sisters, who are there for me through heartbreak and loss of a loved one, I am grateful for the bond we have, which can overcome anything. And not to forget my amazingly strong mother, who, no matter what, always holds her head high.

Last and most importantly. My grandmother. I want to thank you for always being there for me, welcoming me with open arms. Thank you for never judging me and my actions and always believing in the good in people. Thank you for welcoming my boyfriend into the family again and again, even though we’ve struggled figuring out our relationship. You believed we could make it work and you were right. Thank you for your positive mind and everlasting support. You always gave me the strength I needed and have been and still is a huge guidance for me. I admire you for your strength. Even through cancer, you never showed weakness or pain. Stubborn that you are, you didn’t want us to worry. Not even a little bit. I look up to you, grandma, and I miss you everyday. I love you”


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