Who Is It Wednesday – Renee

A cute story of gratitude from Thank You Daily about how old friends can still mean a lot and that gratitude for special persons from the past can last throughout life.

Thank You Daily

I have a friend, “Renee”, who I met in college.  We were both English majors and took a lot of classes together.  When I was in law school, she let me live on her couch for quite a long time.  I am eternally grateful for that and will never forget it.

Renee was an everyday sort of friend.  We laughed at things hardly anyone else would think was funny.  We dissected books, created musical mash-ups, and recast our favorite movies.  Then she went through a very long and very rough patch of time, during which she made some bad decisions.  One particular decision cut me to the core and I just had to walk away.  I never unfriended her on FB because I hoped that she would reach out to me to address the situation.  She never did.

Every now and then, I would tag her in something that I thought…

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