Emma, 20, USA


My dad. Definitely. Just because, he’s the type of person that showed me that no matter what situation or who you are dealing with there’s a way to be laid back and understanding. He’s the perfect combination of easy going and confident without being over the to. He’s kind and considerate… There’s no doubt that I always feel comfortable approaching him. The way he treats his friends and how he cares about the people in his life – everyone knows that he is someone you can count out. When I remember my childhood, it’s me and my dad at the beach, just relaxing. He’s also the reason I got my tattoo. On my back. He’s got my back. Get it? 

I would go: “Oh dad can I have a sleep over with my friends”, and he would throw his arms up and say “GO FOR IT”! He loved having my friends over, because he loved the life that the people would bring. He now reports that the life in his kitchen is not the same after I went to college. I would say that I am grateful for him and the person he is and for keeping his head level through hard times, such as the divorce my family experienced. He always remains calm and the “protecter”. Always putting my brother and me first.


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