Mie, 22, Sydney:

10695440_10205024102542207_1256980366_n_Fotor“My grandparents’ house has been for sale for two years now, and while I am in Sydney studying a semester they finally got the house sold. The house holds so many nice childhood memories for me, which is why it makes me sadthat I couldn’t be there to help but also to say a proper goodbye to the house. Luckily, I have the best parents and a really cool uncle that helped my grandparents through the move and made the transition easier. Even though it may not seem as a big thing to the world, it means a lot in my world. This is why I can say that what I am grateful for being a part of an amazing family that always supports each other and help each other through difficult times, and the amazing memories we have created together.”

Tine, 23, Canada


“I have had nightmares about death three nights in a row. Last night I dreamed that my mother died. I woke up with my face covered in tears. In France they say that when dreaming about someone’s death it means the opposite – that they are healthy. I told my mum about the dream and she responded: “Well, I am glad you cried”. The relationship to my mum has always been strong. She has been my driving force for most of the things that I do today. She forced me to sing, study and to be focused and committed to the things I do. I love her for forcing me. Despite several discussions, fights and disagreements, I try not to hate her as much as a love her. I hope the French people are right and that the dream indicates a healthy living and a healthy relationship that will last for many more years.”