Relationships Australia: Tell us your Neighbour-story

From neighbour heros doing life-saving CPR to wood-stacking next door neighbours, the stories sent in during the competition “Tell us you story” started by Relationships Australia in celebration of “Neighbour Day are inspiring.

One of the people who sent in a story was Vesna:

“I’m always telling friends, clients and family how important it is to know your neighbour. I believe neighbours are so important for little things such as watching over your house, feeding your dog and big things such as friendship and care. I love my neighbour. We have been living next door for 4 years now and I have never come across anyone so helpful and thoughtful.” – Vesna Story via Neighbour Day

The initiative and the stories generated from it are beautiful gestures, and we believe that it helps create more awareness about the importance of taking care of not only the people you’re closest to relationship-wise, but also the people living right next to you; neighbors.